SUBARU Relearn 1

BRZ 2013-2015
Forester 2008-2015
Impreza 2008-2015
Legacy 2008-2015
Outback 2008-2015
Tribeca 2008-2014
WRX STI 2015
XV crosstrek 2013-2015

Pro Tips!!!
-Make sure all tires are inflated to door placard suggested.

-Be sure ALL other sensors are out of range of vehicle antenna, (10 ft range min).

-Disable all other WiFi/Bluetooth and electronic accessory devices**.

**Includes HID kits, car audio systems, navigation, back-up cameras, if NOT original equipment, these devices may cause RF disruption.

This Relearn procedure requires the use of a OBDII tool

A properly formatted scan tool is required to learn sensor IDs when replacing sensors.

Inflate all tires
Read all sensor IDs using tool
Connect tool to OBDII port
Reset ECU with tool
Ignition OFF then ON
Drive at 25 MPH for up to 10 minutes

See Full OBDII Relearn Troubleshooting Guide

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