Mobiletron PT47 – All-in-one Professional TPMS Servicing Tool / Programmer

All features included – read/activate sensor, program, OBD relearn, ID clone and more


Covers more than 99% active vehicles from all America and Europe regions. New vehicle models 

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FREE Software license & database updates for 5 years. Unlimited vehicle data and upcoming programming features.

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2 yearslimited warranty that covers your entire investment. Terms & conditions may update during seasonal promotion.

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The Tool that does it all

Imagine one tool that can help you serve millions of vehicle, in an even more effective way.

for tire service

Investing in a powerful servicing tool equals unlimited business opportunity. With PT47 you can service vehicle of all types and any manufacturer.

for distributor

PT47 programs 1 to 16 sensors at a time that allows parts distributor and dealer to wholesale pre-program / direct-fit tire sensors.

for home mechanic

Getting a multi-function TPMS tool like PT47 can save you time and big bucks, this is the perfect tool for seasonal tire swap and all DIY projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sensors can PT47 program?

Mobiletron PT47 is programming-compatible with MOREsensor Signature Series, Combi Series and Compact Series. Sensor types are available for selection during programming session along with more instructions.

Can PT47 perform relearn?

Sure thing! Not only PT47 is capable of relearning new sensor(s) through OBDII port, it also comes with built-in relearn instructions and OE sensor reference.

Can I clone factory sensor with PT47?

Not a problem. With PT47, you can program blank sensor by cloning factory sensor’s IDs, or assign auto-generated ID, or even input ID manually. 

Is it free to update PT47?

Yes, free 5 years update license for unlimited vehicle data. It is probably the longest licensed period for any TPMS servicing tool on the market. And you can still extend the license at affordable price after license expires.