Volvo Relearn 1

C30 2008-2013
C70 2011-2013
S40 2008-2011
S60 2008-2016
S80 2007-2016
V50 2008-2011
V60 2015
V70 2008-2010
XC60 2010-2015
XC70 2008-2015
XC90 2005-2014

Pro Tips!!!
-Make sure all tires are inflated to door placard suggested.

-Be sure ALL other sensors are out of range of vehicle antenna, (10 ft range min).

-Disable all other WiFi/Bluetooth and electronic accessory devices**.

**Includes HID kits, car audio systems, navigation, back-up cameras, if NOT original equipment, these devices may cause RF disruption.

Ensure all tires are inflated to the pressure listed on the tire placard.

Vehicle must be driven above 25mph for more than 10 minutes and then parked for than 15 minutes for system to learn new sensor IDs, or a properly formatted scan tool can be used to complete the relearn procedure.

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