Ford Relearn 5

F-150 2015
Mustang 2015

Pro Tips!!!
-Make sure all tires are inflated to door placard suggested.

-Be sure ALL other sensors are out of range of vehicle antenna, (10 ft range min).

-Disable all other WiFi/Bluetooth and electronic accessory devices**.

**Includes HID kits, car audio systems, navigation, back-up cameras, if NOT original equipment, these devices may cause RF disruption.

** This Relearn method might require the use of a relearn magnet or a trigger tool.**
*Ford TPMS Relearn Tool (or properly formatted TPMS learn tool) is required following rotation, tire replacement, and sensor replacement. This tool is located in the glove box with the owner’s manual.

  1. Inflate all tires to pressure listed on tire placard
  2. Turn ignition to OFF position and press and release brake pedal.
  3. Cycle ignition from OFF to RUN position 3 times, ending in RUN position.
  4. Press and release brake pedal.
  5. Turn ignition to OFF position.
  6. Cycle ignition from OFF to RUN position 3 times, ending in RUN position.
  7. Horn will sound once and TPMS telltale symbol will blink once train mode is initiated. If equipped with message center, it will display TRAIN LF TIRE. Place antennae of learn tool on sidewall of LF tire 180 degrees from valve stem to activate sensor. Horn will sound once sensor has been recognized. Repeat step for RF, RR, and LR tires.
  8. After training LR tire the message center will display TRAINING MODE COMPLETE. If the vehicle is not equipped with the message center display, successful completion can be verfied by turning ignition to the OFF position and not having the horn sound, if the horn sounds the training procedure must be repeated.

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