CHRYSLER Relearn 1

300M 2002-2004
Concorde 2002-2004
Town & Country 2002-2003
Voyager 2002-2003
Caravan 2002-2003
Grand Carvan 2002-2003
Intrepid 2002-2004

Pro Tips!!!
-Make sure all tires are inflated to door placard suggested.

-Be sure ALL other sensors are out of range of vehicle antenna, (10 ft range min).

-Disable all other WiFi/Bluetooth and electronic accessory devices**.

**Includes HID kits, car audio systems, navigation, back-up cameras, if NOT original equipment, these devices may cause RF disruption.

** This Relearn method might require the use of a relearn magnet.**

  1. Inflate all tires to pressure indicated on tire placard.
  2. Turn ignition to ON position. (engine off)
  3. Press and release the MENU button on the EVIC until the message RETRAIN TIRE SENSOR _NO is displayed.
  4. Press the STEP button to select YES.
  5. Press the MENU button to start the relearn process. The EVIC will display the message, TRAIN LEFT FRONT TIRE.
  6. Starting at LF tire, place relearn magnet over valve stem until horn sounds.
  7. After horn sounds, proceed as in step 5 for the next 3 sensors in this order: RF, RR, LR, SP (if equpped).
  8. Once the EVIC displays the message TRAINING COMPLETE, depress the STEP, C/T, RESET, or MENU buttons to exit the relearn procedure.

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